Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path, 9th (Off the Beaten Path Series): A Guide to Unique Places

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Our Barlow Pass Extralight had the lowest rolling resistance red bar of all tires in the test.

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Their tests show that our casings are among the most supple, and roll as fast or faster than the best tires in the world. On real roads, the advantage of supple tires is even greater: Not only do they absorb less energy as they flex, they also vibrate less. And that reduces the suspension losses. Both effects work in tandem: Supple tires have less tire deformation and less vibration. As a result, the greater speed of supple, wide tires becomes very noticeable when you ride on real roads. When you try different tires back-to-back, you realize that tires are the biggest performance upgrade you can make to your bike.

We simply felt that we had no choice…. When OPEN told us that they had a new bike for ultra-wide tires coming, we took all our courage and asked them: How about sending us not only one of their much-in-demand test bikes, but two? We wanted to ride the brand-new WI.

To our surprise, two of these amazing machines arrived in the BQ office before the new bike even had been launched! We enjoyed them on a incredible ride in the Oregon Cascades, plus we performance-tested them in a controlled setting to find out what you give up when you go really wide…. When we looked through the photos and stories, we had so much fascinating material that we decided to expand the article to 26 pages. The Trek Checkpoint really got us excited: Here is a mainstream production bike with a high-performance carbon frame that can run really wide tires up to 55 mm.

It even has eyelets for fenders and racks.

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How are they different, and which works best for a smaller female rider? When we visited Cherubim, one of the most respected framebuilders in Japan, we expected to show photos of how they file lugs and braze their iconic frames. As you can imagine, theirs was a real adventure, and they brought back so many great photos that we expanded this article, too. Those are just six of the fascinating stories in the Autumn Bicycle Quarterly. The result is our biggest edition yet, with pages plus cover.

But then, cycling is our passion….

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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Tired of the same old tourist traps? Take the road less Buy Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path, 9th (Off the Beaten Path Series): A Guide to Unique Places: Read 1 Kindle Store Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path, 9th (Off the Beaten Path Series): A Guide to Unique Places Kindle Edition. Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path®: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) Go beyond the usual tourist attractions to discover such hidden treasures as Kickapoo Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path, 9th (Off the Beaten Path Series).

The Bicycle Quarterly Un-Meeting is less than a week away. On Friday, many of us will ride from Portland on Friday and camp at the park. There are four routes:. All routes ride together to Vernonia for breakfast and coffee at the Black Iron Cafe with outdoor seating and bike parking. After that, the routes continue together on the paved Timber road until nearing the town of Timber where they diverge. A last word about logistics: Everyone is welcome to the Un-Meeting.

Simply show up on Saturday and ride with us. For my new bike, I did what the pros used to do: I installed my favorite saddle, which has moved from one Bicycle Quarterly test bike to the next. Leather saddles change their shape over time: They conform to your anatomy as you ride. In my case, two dimples form where my sitbones go above. But the foam always pushes back, which creates pressure points that can cause pain, abrasions and saddle sores.

If you ride super-fast and only for relatively short periods, you barely touch your saddle, and most saddles will work fine. Once distances get longer, even the fastest racers care about their saddles. Ted King has been riding a Berthoud saddle in events like the mile Dirty Kanza above. We started importing Berthoud saddles because we agree with Ted: Even among leather saddles, the Berthouds stand out for their comfort and quality.

Not only is the leather absolutely top-notch, but the composite frame flexes a little, which improves the comfort further. The metal frames of traditional leather saddles are unyielding and stiff. Berthoud saddles are available with a choice of stainless steel or titanium rails. Choosing your saddle is only partially about your body shape. More important is your riding style: When you pedal hard and your back is inclined at a low angle, you hardly touch the saddle, and you need a narrow saddle that fits between your legs. If you are riding longer distances and sit more upright, you put more weight on your sitbones, and you need a slightly wider saddle.

New in the Rene Herse program is the Soulor above , which combines the minimalist, narrow shape of the superlight Galibier with more affordable stainless steel rails. Both the Soulor and the Galibier are a great choice for spirited riding. For long rides, I prefer the Aravis titanium rails and Aspin stainless , which have a slightly wider back and taller flanks that hold their shape a little better. That is the saddle I use on my new bike: Being comfortable is key for putting out power and riding fast. For me, both styles work equally well.

Many customers ask how long it takes to break in a Berthoud saddle. This depends mostly on how old the leather is. If the saddle was made years ago and has been lying in a warehouse ever since, the leather will have dried out, and the break-in period will be much longer. When you hear stories of leather saddles taking forever to break in, they usually came from such old stocks.

We order our Berthoud saddles in small batches, so you are certain to get a fresh saddle.

In my experience, it takes miles km for a standard Berthoud saddle to become comfortable. The saddle will continue to improve over the following or so miles km. At that point, its condition will stabilize, and it will last many years.

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How long does a Berthoud saddle last? I am still riding one of the prototype saddles that Berthoud made in We have all replacement tops in stock, and you just need a Torx wrench to take off the old top and install a new one. All other spare parts are available as well, so your Berthoud saddle is fully rebuildable. Click here for more information about Berthoud saddles.

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I was moved when seeing the great big bridge that leads into Brest. My eyes welled up when seeing the food stands in the middle of the night.

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I smiled when I saw our friend Bruno pedal so smoothly on his chrome-plated Concours de Machines Alex Singer in the yellow jersey. Riding km miles in 90 hours or less is never going to be easy. This year, the difficulty of the relentlessly hilly course was augmented by strong head- and crosswinds right from the start. This meant working harder, much harder, because the advantage of the big pelotons that start in each wave was diminished by the crosswinds.


Multiple echelons formed, with groups of riders working together. For once, there was no hiding in the pack.

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Very detailed but easy to follow as well. T: For the biggest savings, choose the Ultimate bundle. Today, the river is a glassy green; in the twelfth century, it was a wild stretch of water, its two branches encircling the biggest river island in Europe, Barthelasse. Spyder Games Roolaria added it Mar 28, Campers will be run through Division I drills designed to develop skills, vision, and competency.

And there also were fewer bags, bottles and other bike parts falling off. Each rider had a different experience. PBP was fun, stimulating, challenging, even painful for some.

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It required mental and physical stamina and strength. Every rider emerged from the experience having learned something about themselves. Sina Witte left completed the ride in hours, as always with a smile and looking fresh at the finish. When Sina caught him, they decided to ride together. Lesli Larson also rode strongly in her second PBP after a eight-year hiatus. She looked good as she finished after hours on the road.

On the road, he looked good on his ultralight Dejouannet, and he finished in hours. My bottom suffered as a result. Hahn Rossman pulled out all the stops.

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He made a superlight bike that he entered in the Concours de Machines technical trials, which were held in conjunction with PBP this year. His wife Jana center met him with a rented camper van at the controls to provide food, encouragement and a convenient place to rest. The effort paid off: His time of hours was the best one yet of his three PBP rides.

He also placed third in the Concours de Machines.

Off the Beaten Path

Well done! Not far behind, Ryan Hamilton rode unsupported. He also had broken his collarbone — too many accidents in the lead-up to the ride this year among my friends! And yet his time of hours was his second-best yet.