The Trouble With Charlie (The Elle Harrison Series)

Elle Harrison Thriller Series
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Skriv anmeldelse. Om Elective Procedures Elle Harrison is back! ARKs anbefalinger.

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I think there are both advantages and disadvantages to these kinds of labels. Gem drops off unused diazepam from a patient in Connie's office, but while on the way to the pharmacy to return it, Connie keeps it for herself. Iain checks the gun, which in fact had one bullet left. As Ciara is discharged, she collapses, and admits that it may be the result of her liver. Connie informs the team that the hospital trust have appointed a troubleshooter, Ciaran. If readers like a character, they'll want to see more of her, which means they'll want to read more books. Ramos performed with the ensemble onstage at the Beacon Theatre that night, having originated the dual roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton.

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Oceanview Publishing. Duffy heads to the pub where she is greeted by Bill, who offers to listen to her troubles. Louise's first day as senior nurse does not go to plan as the Care Quality Commission carry out an inspection following recent poor standards. Episode 11 [42]. Iain and Ruby receive a call-out to a warehouse which has been set alight following an explosion. There, Iain finds Base again, who has been working in a meth lab to pay off his debts. Iain confronts Base at the ED and makes him see the extent of the damage caused.

The Trouble With Charlie: An Elle Harrison Thriller

After his shift, Iain struggles with his mental health, as events continue to play on his mind. Duffy wakes up in a hotel room with Bill and is horrified as the realisation that she has cheated on Charlie sinks in. When she meets with Charlie again, Charlie comforts her. Alicia and Ethan plot to reunite Rash and Gem at the medics ball by having Gem attend the ball instead of Alicia.

Rash realises he is still in love with Gem, and the pair kiss, as a jealous Jamila watches on. Episode 12 [43]. Louise heads up to the maternity ward of the ED to continue to professionally develop following her promotion. Whilst there, Louise is unimpressed by the sluggishness of student nurse Jade Lovall, who arrives late to her shift before going to sleep on one of the ward beds. Louise works alongside Jade in the hopes to improve her attitude to work. Jade impresses Louise during their shift together, so Louise tells Jade she will ask Charlie if she can join the ED as a nurse.

Charlie remains doubtful of Duffy, whose defensiveness over her phone arouses his suspicions.


Iain tells Ruby that he is feeling better following the events of the previous week. Once alone, he phones the wellbeing team to seek help over his mental health troubles. Episode 13 [47]. Dylan is horrified when he hears Ciara being beaten by Joel over the phone.

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Dylan requests for an ambulance and the police to attend Ciara and Joel's house, where the two are admitted to the hospital. Robyn finds bruising on Ciara's back and raises her concerns with Connie, who brings a domestic abuse advisor into the hospital to talk to Ciara.

Dylan gets frustrated by the time taken to get Ciara away from Joel, so he decides to flee with her, but Joel catches Dylan and Ciara together in the car, and starts to chase them, but soon crashes into a parked car. As Ciara and Dylan look back to see what has happened, a van collides with Dylan's four-wheel drive.

Child’s Play

New student nurse Marty Kirkby joins the ED and pleases Louise when he correctly suspects a patient of suffering from meningitis. Duffy panics when she catches Charlie answering her phone. Episode 14 [37]. Dylan regains consciousness following the crash and begins to look after injured patients. Ciara tries to convince Dylan to flee the scene of the crash with her, but Dylan refuses to.

Ciara runs back to her house to pack some belongings, including her passport, before heading over to Dylan's boathouse with her dog. After treatment at the hospital, Dylan returns to his boathouse and Ciara tells him she is leaving the country.

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She asks him to look after her dog until she has settled down, where he can then move in with her and they can begin their life together. Jade and Marty treat a patient who they both fancy, and decide to see who can get the patient's number first. Jade's determination to win leads her to locking Marty in a store cupboard, where he has an asthma attack, and is later found unconscious by Jade. Louise expresses her disappointment in Jade's actions.

Episode 15 [75]. Iain and Ruby treat a teenager who has fallen over whilst running to catch a school bus. Once they have transferred the patient over to the ED, Alicia unearths a more serious underlying problem which is troubling the teenager, and with the teenager's parents constantly arguing, Iain finds himself on the roof of the hospital trying to talk the teenager down.

After their shift, Iain and Ruby go out drinking together, where Iain misreads Ruby's signals and kisses her.

Duffy is admitted after falling over at home, and when she forgets what happened in the lead up to her fall, she types her symptoms into a diagnostic tool, and self-diagnoses herself with dementia. Marty pretends that Charlotte is his daughter to try and get himself a date with consultant Joshua, who he meets outside the hospital. Episode 16 [41]. Charlie is left speechless when Bill, who is admitted after collapsing, reveals to Charlie that him and Duffy have been seeing each other again, unaware that Charlie is Duffy's husband.

Duffy is heartbroken upon realising Charlie knows, and attempts to put things right between them, but is unsuccessful. She also attempts to tell Charlie of her recent memory loss, but is unable to. Alicia learns to trust her instincts when she expresses welfare concerns towards a teenager who is admitted after an accident whilst stealing from a shop.

Marty arranges a date with Joshua following encouragement from Jade. Iain takes the day off of work following his awkward attempt to kiss Ruby. Elle stands in as clinical lead while Connie visits Grace. Episode 17 [76]. On Christmas Eve, Dylan is called back to help in resus, and chooses to stay longer. When David suggests he's overworking due to Ciara leaving, he insists that he drops the subject. He later asks David to read a card from Ciara. Gem becomes suspicious of an agency nurse; it is later revealed that they work in a local hospice and stole a rapid infuser from the hospital.

Rash tells Gem that he wants to spend Christmas with her, rather than his family. Episode 18 [77]. Iain gets into a fight with a man called Gregor, and receives treatment in the ED. Louise catches Jade and Marty reading a magazine while on a shift, and after having disagreements all day, Jade answers an advert for a spare room in a shared house, which turns out to be where Marty lives.

Episode 19 [78].


Alicia treats a pregnant woman who is worried about her immigration status, and after giving birth, the woman takes her baby with her due to thinking she will be charged with treatment. When the baby becomes cyanosed , they are rushed back into the ED. Ethan opposes Alicia's suggestion of an umbilical catheterisation, but she goes ahead with successful results.

Duffy books a memory test with her GP, and is upset when she struggles with it. Episode 20 [46]. Alicia receives a letter from the City of Manchester hospital offering her a paediatric fellowship, and upon going to tell Ethan, she sees him holding an engagement ring.

Merry Jones

Alicia treats a child called Donnie, and is suspicious due to his mysterious admission history. Alicia goes to his house, and finds out his mother gives him insulin, and upon calling for an ambulance, the two get into a physical fight. Louise visits the food bank, due to not having enough money to eat. Alicia tells Ethan about the fellowship, and he proposes; to which she says no.

The pair kiss, and Alicia leaves. Episode 21 [79].