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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Daniel Allen DuBour was born in Springfield , Sammy Sleeps - Kindle edition by Daniel Dubour. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Daniel Allen DuBour was born in Springfield , Sammy Sleeps - Kindle edition by Daniel DuBour. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note .

They're at Rufus' old cabin. There's a pillow and blanket on the couch, so at least one of them sleeps there. Rufus' cabin: Dean. Dean is at the kitchen table. Since Sam is sleeping on the bed, then Dean presumably sleeps on the couch, which is between the bed and the door. Abandoned house: Unclear. Sam takes an upstairs bedroom, no indication of where Dean was supposed to sleep.

Physically, the bed that Sam seems to have claimed is farther from the door. However, it is more accessible than the other.

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There's a bar between Dean's bed and the door. Dean goes straight to the second bed to drop his bag when they come in.

They're sleeping when the police radio goes off: Dean in the second bed, Sam in the first. Rufus' cabin: Unclear. In this ep, the camera angle makes visible a set of bunk beds. This is in addition to the single bed that Sam was shown using in episode 7. However, there's still a pillow and blanket on the couch. Abandoned building: Unclear. No indication of the door location.

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Dean dozes in a chair while Kevin translates. No one else is shown sleeping anywhere. Motel room: Unclear. They don't actually stay there; they get the room to stash the vampire kidnap victim. Rufus' cabin. Motel room.

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He sits on the first bed and Sam on the second while they discuss why Sam stopped hunting. He's laying on the first bed doing research when Dean returns to the room. Dean uses the first bed as a library station and Sam stays at the kitchen table. The room is actually Kevin's decoy room and Dean is only there long enough to raid the mini-fridge. It seems as though they were getting ready to leave the room so all their stuff is packed up. Dean sleeps on the first bed, Sam on the second while Henry sits up reading the journal. Sam and Dean each have their own room.

They are assigned a room at the Cassity ranch and Dean's duffel is on the second bed when he's packing. Prometheus gets his own room but we never see the room Sam and Dean use. When Mala visits, Dean sits on the first bed and Sam on the second while they question her. Dean lounges on the second bed when researching the Canyon Valley spa.

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Sam and Dean do not share a motel room. Apparently, Dean and Crowley do, though. This does not count for the purposes of this page.

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So just to satisfy your curiosity, Crowley originally claimed the bed closest to the door. However, Dean and Anne-Marie actually used that bed. We don't see the room until teen! Dean arrives and then it seems that they have a separate living area and bedroom area. Cabin one of Bobby's old safehouses. Sam sits on the first bed while trying to read the Book of the Damned. However, the couch is actually closest to the door. The boys spent at least one night sleeping in their beloved '67 Chevy Impala.

Dean slept in the front seat, Sam in the back. Sammy has Syncope. When Sammy was about to start school he was very nervous.

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Can you imagine why? Well, just like you, he was scared of everything — the new teacher, the new children, the play ground, and all those bigger children!

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