The original daft punk: whatever happened to Jilted John?
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Naturally his Twitter Trolls take that as permission to attack and make Eden's Life awful. Eden decides she needs to regroup and the one place no one would think to find her is her childhood home. Her grandmother left her the stately mansion and all Eden can think of is going there and hiding for a very long time Only Eden is hit with the reality of Cooper This is a tale of two people who really were meant to be This has everything a read should have Twists of fate, confusion which gets straighten out, crazy fun banter and actions, lots of heart and understanding and If you are looking for a read which will give you all of that without unnecessary angst and Huge Payoff Then grab Jilted.

A very sexy cover An intriguing title And a tag of the series name So what's it to be Who was Jilted And Who is the One Hurting I will be looking for more when it comes View 2 comments. I effing loved this book! Jilted is my new fave. Here's the breakdown: Following the disastrous end to her profile relationship, Eden returns home to the small town of Newberry to reassess her life.

She finds an unexpected guest living in her family home.

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can be used to describe having suddenly be rejected or abandoned by a lover or can be used in the context of having a really rough time, things not going your. Jilted definition, to reject or cast aside (a lover or sweetheart), especially abruptly or unfeelingly. See more.

I also judge them a teensy bit harder than the heroes because I need to be able to relate on some level. I adored her. Once he pulled his head out of his behind, I really loved him. The storyline is both entertaining and engaging. It was an easy breezy read.

Jilted broke my heart and made me fall in love at the same time. View 1 comment.

Jilted Women Retell Classic Love Stories

Jul 15, Alba and Her Secrets.. Two of my favorite things together.. I really enjoyed this love story between a famous Hollywood actress and her hawt college sweetheart. Second chance romance is one of my favorite troupes and Sawyer did not disappoint with Jilted. And that ending.. This new Love Hurts series..

I am a fan, Sawye 4. I am a fan, Sawyer Bennett. Definitely recommend reading this one! View all 8 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Did I need all these details?! Why was she humiliated? Her ex cheated on her and everyone said she was the one to get embarrassed… Like for real???

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P23 - All time faves by p Search for the Eternety by tomislav. But instead of wallowing in sorrow, determined Katy set off to travel the world — and wrote a best-selling novel based on her travels through heartbreak. Dogs Pet Chihuahua snatched by bird of prey while playing in family garden Sheila Gillanders, 72, said her month-old white Chihuahua was plucked from the ground by a "really big bird" after it swooped from the sky. Examples of jilt in a Sentence Verb She was crushed when he jilted her. Full Throttle.

No comments from my side on the gossip in small town… I want to avoid cursing. But when a grown woman — she was 32!!! I need female character WITH brain and with self-respect. Was not the case here… Bummer… View all 11 comments. Jun 10, Zoe rated it really liked it. Engaging, lighthearted, and passionate! This is an enchanting, second-chance romance about a woman who followed her dreams instead of her heart and the man she left behind brokenhearted.

The writing is well done. The main characters are driven, loyal, supportive, and endearing. And the plot takes us from Georgia to Tinseltown in a storyline bursting with glitz, glamour, small-town charm, irresistible chemistry, spicy banter, delicious heat and enduring love. Overall I have to say this is a sweet, p Engaging, lighthearted, and passionate!

Overall I have to say this is a sweet, playful, sexy read that has characters you can't help but love and an ending that will definitely leave you wanting more. There was just something about it that agreed with me wholeheartedly. Maybe it was because of Eden Goodnight being a Hollywood starlet, or the southern charm, maybe the rekindling of a childhood love, or the wonderfully likable characters. I really can't just single out one thing, I think it was all of the above and so much more.

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I swooned!! Honestly to God I swooned. Jilted left me all glowey and gooey. I needed a light-hearted feel good romance a 4. I needed a light-hearted feel good romance and that's exactly what I got with Jilted. It was perfectly fluffy, easy to read, and entertaining until the very end. A perfect novel for a Saturday afternoon. I easily fell in love with Coop and Eden. There was really no way I could have prevented it from happening. Both were such genuine and likable characters. Coop and Eden had been lovers when they started college and even fourteen years later they still had enough chemistry between them to keep the sheets dangled and the sexy times interesting.

Fourteen years ago Eden was offered a chance of a lifetime and she jumped on it. She was eighteen, and the opportunity of earning a six figure salary modeling was an offer she couldn't refuse. Not realizing that it would end her relationship with Coop, she grabbed the chance with both hands and dove in.

The young lovers tried to make it work long distance but it just wasn't feasible. Now, many years later, Eden was a highly successful actress. And after a horrific public embarrassment she packed her bags and left Hollywood behind to head home. It didn't take long for her to cross path with Coop. Coop, now a landscape designer and owner of his own landscape business, wasn't prepared seeing the starlet on his doorstep.

Surprised by her sudden appearance he let his anger and frustration surface and soon tempers were running high and sparks flew. And it didn't take long for the former lovers to pick up were they left off. They both thought that they could indulge in some rebound sex without feelings getting involved and tangled up. Coop and Eden just weren't aware that it was never really about bouncing back from broken relationships, it was all about connecting with the person they were meant to be. This book was all about the swoon, the light-hearted banter and a love that had been dormant, but never forgotten.

They were pretty awesome together. And it was palpable how much they still liked and how well they knew each other and how deeply their love for one another ran.

The entire novel was pretty awesome!! Funny, sassy, and deeply emotional with a dash of Hollywood. I was sold from the very first page and devoured it in one sitting. And now it's midnight and I'm going to bed. This book would be definitely a recommendation to anyone that is in need of a light-hearted novel with genuinely great and likable characters. Jul 06, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , actor-celebrity , m-f , net-galley , read-to-review-arc , romance. Sugary sweet second chance at love story.

My biggest takeaway from this story was that it was nice. Sure, we all crap on "nice," but nice makes you feel good, makes you smile, and while it doesn't blow you away, nice simply satisfies a lot of the time. Don't read this book if you are in a cynical mood. It's a "poor little rich girl" who turns out to be flawless and saintly. She is f Sugary sweet second chance at love story. She is famous and skinny, but she donates all her free time to charity and can eat cupcakes until she feels sick but can easily maintain her figure.

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I mean, come on However, there is something very charming about the story. A southern small town feel, lots of good, dirty sex, and a fast-paced love story that made me feel happy inside. Jilted is easy, enjoyable reading. It wasn't my favorite book I've read this month hell, maybe this week , but I'd recommend it to a friend looking for a fun escape.

Jun 14, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: series , film-stars , arc , standalone , hot-men , strong-female.

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This book was really good I enjoyed it from the very start. I luv a good second chance romance.