Ich trink auf dein Wohl, Marie (German Edition)

Stolen Child
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Read on for a brief history of the genre and its run-ins with capitalism, which gave us the chance to rediscover some country blues masterpieces. K had been all the talk of the previous summers. But Woodstock was by far and large the most memorable of them all, due to its unbridled, spontaneous nature, as well as its long list of famous performers. Here, we explore the life of an accomplished artist who is constantly renewing himself, much like a lizard shedding its skin. Categories: All Back. See all genres Good Deals.

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Hier kommt Frank Frank Zander. Copy the following link to share it Copy. You are currently listening to samples. On sale now The Lion King Various Artists. Beethoven: 9 Symphonies Berliner Philharmoniker. Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Antal Dorati.

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Heaven Above Bootleg Mix. He lives and works in the village of Scheven population ca. Der kleine Prinz. Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Rivers Of Babylon.

By Frank Zander. Urgestein Frank Zander. Oh how you tease, Shawn. And what on earth are they singing? It has whistling and flute. Still, it seems obvious that an act of a sexual nature was observed. Good job. Bad pun. The German, English and French versions all have the whistling interlude. The song? Yeah, it is cheesy.

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And quite wonderful. Bonus: Mrs Miller — Downtown You have to love Mrs Miller: she was deadly serious about her singing, yet she knew that to everyone else it was amusing. More Mix-CD-Rs. The four-part summer songs series finished a while ago, but last year I returned to the theme with a special focus on the subject of the beach. So this is the second mix on that theme. The Drifters featured last time, but this mix includes a cover version of it by the never less than cheerful John Mellencamp.

As ever, the mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R and includes home-surfed cover. PW in comments.

Stolen Child

First Class — Beach Baby 2. Glen Campbell — Galveston 5. Michael Franks — Blue Pacific 7. Colin Hay — Beautiful World 8. Blake Shelton — Some Beach 9. George Strait — Marina Del Rey John Mellencamp — Under The Boardwalk Brenda Lee — White Silver Sands The Brothers Four — Marianne Frank Sinatra — Sand And Sea Elvis Presley — Never Ending The Who — Bell Boy Here is a mix of German curiosities, some chosen because they are very good or interesting or both , and a couple of football-themed songs at the end, selected because they are entertaining in their musical poverty.

This mix was previously posted in May Some tracks have featured here before, but the links are long dead. As ever, the mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R, and includes hausgemachte covers. The lyrics have nothing to do with the original either: it deals with metaphors involving thin ice, drowning in a lake and a rescue. And in-between a female voice warns that Joe is going to catch a cold. As it turns out, he put as much effort in enunciating German words correctly as English football commentators do in pronouncing the names of German or any non-Latinate football players.

None of those 25 million records soiled my collection, I am pleased to say.

Onkel Tom Angelripper

She had been a popular child actress, making her screen debut in as a year-old. By now living in Rome, she went to London and recorded in English. In the singer moved to the USA, thereby putting a slow end to her Schlager career. But the career of the Greek-born singer was based mainly in West Germany, where her singer father had moved in search of success. Until recently Leandros participated in Greek politics. As a former student of German, her command of German was excellent, with that lovely French inflection. She also recorded in English and Italian.

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The song was a minor hit in The Supremes — Where Did Our Love Go German Berry Gordy could spot a marketing opportunity, and so he had the stars of his Motown roster record their big hits in various European languages, apparently singing from phonetic lyric sheets. Unlike most others, Diana Ross makes a game attempt at it; one can understand her implorations not to be left by the addressee of the song.

So here we have one instance of Motown going Schlager, sort of. In the early s, Cash had been based as an US soldier in southern Germany. Clearly he did little in that time to benefit from the opportunity to learn German; his accent is quite appalling. The monster in question became a Zauberdrachen , and our biblically-named trio sung it with clear diction.

She was so good that Hollywood beckoned, but she turned down Hollywood because she was expected to change her name to Gilda Christian and pretend to be Austrian she later acted on Broadway as Hildegard Neff. Privately, Knef fought several battles with cancer; when she died in at 76, it was emphysema that claimed her, not the Big C. Knef became a singer and frequent songwriter in , though not on the Schlager scene but in the Chanson genre, singing in German and English. He performed at the wedding of Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese, which must have been quite a scene.

Raabe records prolifically; this track comes from the second of a pair of novelty albums on which Raabe covers pop songs, with mixed results. And when Douglas said everybody was kung fu fighting, Kandy meant it was the kung fu people doing the fighting. In his nostalgic paean, Lindenberg pretends to have grown up in the city in which he lived; he actually grew up in a small town near the Dutch border and moved to Hamburg only in I know the theme has been re-recorded twice, in and Composer Klaus Doldinger, a jazz saxophonist, also wrote the theme of the German cinema classic Das Boot , which was directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Peter Gabriel — Schock den Affen I include this for reader Johnny Diego, who in a comment you do know that you are welcome to comment, right? One is, of course, English. The other is German, with its harsh guttural sounds.

Après-Sun Mallorca

One can hear some that gutsiness in German bands that will never be heard in, say, French speaking bands. Agnetha released a batch of German singles between and , most of them quite awful even by the low standards of the genre, though a couple were actually quite good. It is as awful yet insidiously catchy as one would expect, continuing a lamentable tradition of the German team recording the most appalling songs their federation could commission, and giving them the worst production possible.

Bring on those light-demanding Bulgarians, baby! GET IT. More German Stuff More mixes. Every perceived wanker on an English football pitch, and at sports events all around the world, will have been serenaded by way of insult to the tune co-written and first recorded by Gary DeCarlo , who has died at Na, Na, Hey, Hey Kiss Him Goodbye. It became a worldwide mega-hit, and got covered by an array of stars, from The Supremes to Liberace.

To promote the song a bunch of lip-synchers were put together for public performances. DeCarlo also recorded under the name Garrett Scott, though with little success. After Sea Level split in , Nalls returned to session work. His friend Maurice White would take inspiration from an instrument Cohran invented, the Frankiphone or Space Harp , which is basically an electronic mbira or kalimba. In , Wilson released a song named Hey Mister.