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Then Nikolayev put a dark plastic bag over [his] head and, together with Beglaryan, wrapped the packet with tape from his neck to his eyes. Kipa died of asphyxiation. Bagayev then went upstairs to talk to Gagiyev about other issues, but then Bote appeared. Bagayev agreed.

Now the body needed to be disposed of. One Brother who helped in this gruesome task was more reluctant than most. Ruslan Yurtov came to the family in , at the age of He had been looking for work and turned to his acquaintance Nikolayev, who suggested that he visit the Lodochnaya street cafe. He asked if I know how to shoot, to which I answered, I can — I did serve. Nikolayev took care of getting him into the service, negotiating with the right people. One of the Brothers ordered him to help dispose of it. According to his testimony, Yurtov reasoned as follows: If he refused, they would kill him too, and then his corpse would be lying next to this one.

On the other hand, this unknown man was already dead. He could do as he was told, save his own life, and then try to somehow distance himself from the Brothers. Yurtov and others tied metal beams to the corpse and loaded it into a minibus. Behind the wheel was Yashkin, with whom Yurtov was closest among the Brothers because both had fought in Chechnya.

They took the torso to just outside Moscow and threw it into a hole in the ice. Nikolayev later dumped the other body parts separately in the Tver region north of Moscow. Three years later, an amateur underwater diver found several white buckets in a canal off the Volga river.

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A tapes. This is a terrible story about a lot of broken people. One night, they were patrolling a neighborhood where burglary was common. Times News Platforms. It is not yet clear how long the punishment phase of the trial will last. Ortiz even sent Aguilar photos of human bones and skulls that had been found in the desert.

He brought one to shore, opened it, and found two severed hands inside. He told Yurtov not to concern himself with his wife or child — just his work for the Brothers — and warned him that he would never leave the Family alive. In January , Yurtov got another assignment. When it drove in, he called Nikolayev.

A Chrysler belonging to the Family drove up right after, and Brothers dressed in police uniforms and balaklavas, carrying dummy Kalashnikov rifles, jumped out. And they found him. The Brothers grabbed Avlokhashvili along with a friend, nicknamed the Georgian, who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. After Lasha confessed, he and the Georgian were taken to the base by the airport. Zaseyev was brought there as well.

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So [Big Brother] ordered Nikolayev to do it. Just as with Kipa, by the time Yurtov arrived, he had missed the killing. Lasha was already dead. But Bote ordered the Georgian killed as well. Nikolayev and Beglaryan cut them apart, the others helped hold onto the body parts and bag them. They cut the head off first, then the hands, then the arms up to the elbows, then to the shoulder, then their feet, then the leg to the knee, then to the pelvis.

The body itself was not cut into pieces.

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Safronov kept worrying that the walls would get stained with blood. Safronov would get rid of these things, burning them in the sauna in the firebox or somewhere else on the base.

Even as he strangled victims and disposed of their severed heads and hands by night, by day he directed a network of companies that kept the Family well financed — by stealing money from the state budget. In the s he lived in St. It was also where they gathered to plan their murders. So many people were killed there that no matter how hard the Brothers tried to clean the walls, investigators still found traces of blood during their search.

In the very end of , he co-founded a construction company called Laguna Breeze in Khimki, a city near Moscow. What connected Korotkov, who died in as a senior official responsible for stopping corruption in Russia, with the Family? Diagram of "The Family's" connections to Russian government officials and other influential figures.

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Click to enlarge. There are certain amounts for each level of business. I paid 1. To this end, the government kept allocating it billions of rubles from the budget. Gagiyev held no official position with the FLK. Ordinary workers knew Gagiyev as Valeriy Nikolaevich.

I gave him money because I had a business. The computer also contained documents pertaining to her property in Moscow and the Black Sea town of Anapa. Laichenko also had powers of attorney from people who were selling property to Zhukova. Zhukova admitted that she had granted power of attorney for the sale of an apartment in Moscow and the purchase of a house in Anapa to Laifchenko.

And he recommends his good friend. This is the same situation. Somebody recommended me a good and trustworthy lawyer.

Police officer SHOT during gunfight with suspect

She also confirmed that Korotkov had been her partner, and defended him. Lots of people revolve around big officials. And [as one of the leaders of the Investigative Committee], he talked to many people. This is a very large loan for someone in her position. Greenwood, which had issued the loan, had all the signs of a ghost company used for this one deal.

Moreover, they all — the loan agreement, the receipt for depositing the cash repayment, and the document confirming that the loan was repaid — were edited on one day: May 12, This implies that the paperwork had been created to explain the money used to buy the new apartment. We belonged to the Ministry of Industry.

Code of Laws - Title 16 - Chapter 3 - Offenses Against The Person

Not only me, but my partners, with whom I worked together, had to pay. Gagiyev had further ties to two very important people who, at first glance, appear to come from different worlds.

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One is a criminal like himself who long ago fled Russia to sunnier Spain, where he was later arrested, but fled after posting bail. Gagiyev served a prison term for an economic crime, having taken the blame for one of the currently active employees of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation complete personal data are unknown.

This same document states that Gagiyev maintained relations with leaders of the Tambov organized crime group in Spain. For many years, Tambov leaders had a stake in Bank Rossiya from St. According to the U. FLK itself also seems to sit in two different worlds — the state and organized crime. They were supposed to monitor how state funds were being spent. But at the same time, FLK staff appeared to report to Gagiyev on a daily basis. And not just him.

In testimony to investigators, Malyutin remembered that he met Gagiyev in through Safronov, who he knew from his St. Petersburg days.

After Putin became president, his cronies came to Moscow to take up key roles in the government. Malyutin tried his luck in the capital, too, where he could capitalize on his friendly relationship with German Gref, with whom he had worked in the s in the Committee for Management of State Property of St. Once in the capital, he called Safronov, who invited him to play football.

As Malyutin recalled, Burlakov invited him to work at the FLK, but set a condition — to help the company win a government tender to lease commercial aircraft. Chapter 6 In which the Family falls apart and the Brothers start killing each other, a killer writes a confessional letter, and Big Brother praises Austria.

Everyone was trying to carve out a slice of the pie for themselves. Amidst the fighting, billions of rubles that the government had allocated to the company to develop the commercial aircraft industry simply evaporated. He was brought to a house near Moscow to speak with Gagiyev.

Malyutin later told investigators that Gagiyev beat him and accused him of firing his people, even as the FLK was spiraling toward bankruptcy. A few days later, a frightened Malyutin flew to Austria, but he was arrested and extradited back to Russia. In May , he was sentenced to six years in prison for a separate episode of embezzlement from the FLK.

In his eyes, Burlakov, too, had stolen money from the FLK, disappeared, and refused to get in touch, Brother Georgiy Dzugutov would later tell investigators. At the end of June , Dzugutov and another member of the Family were driving near the Krasnopresnensky embankment in Moscow when they spotted a dark blue Bentley — the exact kind of car Burlakov owned. They followed it to a restaurant called Khutorok, and sure enough, Burlakov got out.

The brothers followed him for the next few months and found that he frequently came to the restaurant. On Sept. His body is seen on the floor with blood pooling around his left shoulder. Dallas police Officer Michael Lee, whose bodycam was shown, testified at trial Tuesday that Jean still had a pulse, but was unable to communicate. The bodycam video highlights the confusion of what happened on the night Jean, a year-old accountant, was killed just before 10 p.

Guyger's murder trial has riveted the city as a jarring example of how a police officer can take the life of a law-abiding citizen in the sanctity of one's own home. Jurors got a look inside of Jean's apartment: It was cluttered with dishes and food left out. Light was emanating from a television and laptop. A bowl of vanilla ice cream that he had been eating was beside the laptop. Prosecutors said it smelled of marijuana, which he used for his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.