How to Increase Your Clean & Press

Dumbbell Clean and Press: The Exercise Your Body Needs
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Make sure there is a natural pause between the kettlebell clean and the kettlebell overhead press. You can also use the kettlebell overhead push press or kettlebell jerk from the racked position too.

Clean And Press Benefits

Side-lying leg raise i. This will give you the best of both worlds by ensuring that the upper body is thoroughly fatigued, and the legs are properly stimulated too. There is barely a need for any other exercises. Based in Budapest , it was founded in It is so big the log has a tendency to get out in front of lifters which puts you in a position of having to recover not of applying power. Smaller metal plates from 0. However, while taped wrists can prevent wrist and forearm injuries in the short-term, excessive use can lead to weakened connective tissue in the area, increasing the risk of pain and injury.

Practice workout: start with only a few reps on each side and progress to 10 reps before changing sides. The kettlebell bottoms ups clean forces you to master good body alignment and accurate clean technique.

Proper Form, Variations, and Common Mistakes

The movement starts with the standard dead clean but then the kettlebell is flipped upside down in the top position. You will need to get your arm in proper alignment under the kettlebell in order to stop the kettlebell from flopping over.

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At first you think that good grip strength is required but with practice you will realise that excellent technique negates the need for a strong grip. Practice workout: keep it simple practicing 3 — 5 reps on each side. Try and hold the kettlebell upside down for as long as possible during each repetition. Kettlebell complexes involve putting together various exercise that flow nicely from one exercise to the next. The kettlebell clean, squat and press is a very demanding kettlebell complex that gets a huge amount of muscle activation as well as cardio benefits in one set of movements.

As with the kettlebell clean and press it is important to distinguish between the different exercises and not rush from one to the next making technical mistakes. The sequence would work like this: clean the kettlebell, then squat and finally press, before returning the kettlebell back to the bottom starting position. Real Pros can try one kettlebell in each hand, tough! I really like the kettlebell single leg clean because it forces great technique naturally. You can also use this kettlebell exercise as an assessment tool to see how well you perform the exercise on each side and what deficiencies you may have.

If you have a weakness with the kettlebell in your left hand then you may want to practice that same side for the single leg deadlift and also turkish get up. Learn more : Top 5 single leg kettlebell exercises. Practice workout: keep it nice and simple with 5 — 8 repetitions on each side. The kettlebell side lunge and clean is a tough variation that requires good side lunge skills as well as cleaning skills too. If you are not skilled at both kettlebell exercises then I recommend you practice those first.

As the leg goes out for the side lunge you lower the kettlebell to the bottom position and as you return to the top of the lunge your clean the kettlebell back up. It is important to keep the chest up as you lunge to avoid overusing the stabilisers in the lower back.

Kettlebell Clean Benefits

Practice workout: 5 — 10 reps are challenging so keep the reps low and change sides more frequently. The kettlebell swing clean involves a slight arc in the kettlebell as it is swung between the leg before taking it up and into the racked position. Once you become skilled at all the single handed cleans then you can add even more load and complexity by holding a kettlebell in each hand. All of the variations above can be performed with two kettlebells but personally I would stick to these 4 clean variations :.

Clean and Press Only

Finally you can have a real cardio blast by alternating cleans with two kettlebells. For decades athletic coaches have utilised the it as a supplement to improving sports specific performance. Benefits of full body movements are typically impressive and varied , but possibly none more so than the clean and jerk. Pulling, pressing, acceleration, jumping, fast twitch fibre recruitment. The list is virtually endless.

To supercharge your sports performance or to perfect your parkour. The good news is the clean and jerk is much easier to improve than the snatch. Obviously it still takes a huge amount of time and effort. The key to successful Olympic lifting is to be exceptionally strong in each position, so accessory lifts like the hang clean or the push press.

To be good at both, you must refine the technique as much as possible. Either filming it or under the watchful gaze of someone much more proficient than yourself. It requires confidence and pulling power to get under the bar at the optimal time. Usually hang clean variations, cleaning from blocks and tall cleans are a fantastic remedy.

Four moves to improve your clean and press

A weak pull: Not getting the bar high enough is pretty typical for beginners. Fully extending up onto the toes and the subsequent pull takes some getting used to. Make sure you shrug and fully extend at the top of the lift to reap the rewards. Front squats are obviously more specific than back squats when it comes to cleans, but certainly more taxing on your CNS. The sweet spot for most lifters is to get to a stage where you can squat times a week.

Little and often for core lifts is ideal. Paused front squats are ideal for improving your bottom position. Dropping the bar forward : This tends to be a combination of lack of upper back strength and not pulling the bar high enough. Strengthening your upper back with hypertrophy based workouts is essential. Increasing your front squat frequency and volume will help your elbow positioning in the clean, preventing the bar falling forward.

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Overhead pressing is notoriously hard to strengthen. Military pressing is a good strengthening move, as is the z-press.

I would also recommend adding in isometric holds at the top of the lift to get more comfortable with the position. Pressing from the jerk position is probably the most specific way to improve your overhead strength for Olympic lifting. Feet positioning: Performing the jerk with enough speed and confidence is tricky. Practice driving the bar up from the split position initially to help reinforce technique.

Speed : Technique is absolutely more important than strength. The clean and jerk is comprised of two movements. The clean , which entails moving the barbell from the floor into the front rack squat position via the triple extension. The jerk is the final portion of the lift, which is done by taking the bar from the front rack position to the overhead position, in one powerful motion with fully locked out elbows. The initial setup is so important for solid technique. Correct setup before starting the lift can help mitigate common faults and should be thought of like so:.

More explosive, with a better vertical jump and acceleration; definitely. But absolute strength typically comes from the substantial increase in squatting when Olympic weightlifting. Squats, deadlifts or presses are compound exercises that utilise at least as many muscle groups and require less technical proficiency. Good for: A phenomenal overall exercise that works your legs, core, posterior chain, shoulders and triceps really efficiently. As discussed, this is a pretty technical lift.

Not as technical as the snatch , but like any skill it requires patience and dedication. The stronger your front squat and front rack position, the easier it is to stand up in the clean. Initially your triceps and lats will feel incredibly tight and the front rack position will feel beyond unnatural. But it takes time, stretching and front squats.

Lots of front squats. Because of the front squats upright nature, they will improve your front rack position and help strengthen your quads. Play around with your grip width until you find a comfortable hand and wrist position. One that allows you to grip the bar with each finger. That way it enables you to pick up on your weak points. A bad first pull will inevitably ruin the rest of the lift, so use a clean-pull to perfect the first section of the lift.

Make sure you differentiate it from the conventional deadlift by keeping your shoulders over the bar for as long as possible whilst keeping your back angle the same.

This contact point is arguably the most important part of the lift because it requires patience and timing that only comes with practice.