Darwins Legacy: Scenarios in Human Evolution (African Archaeology Series)

Darwin's Legacy
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P, Anderson D Model selection and multi-model inference. Burghardt eds. From this perspective, the mind shifts between pre-specified behavioural outputs in response to differential environmental influences [30] , [31]. Mol Microbiol — Towards a New Science of the Evolution of the Mind We have reviewed how developments in a number of scientific fields have called into question the key tenets of EP. Claire Smith Heather Burke. For example, in European populations, the most common recessive disease is cystic fibrosis, a disorder of the chloride-secreting channel in epithelia such as the lung associated with excessively viscous secretions and subsequent wheezing and infections; a carrier frequency of one in 25 has been seen in some populations Massie et al.

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Darwin's Legacy: Scenarios in Human Evolution compares ideas about human. African archaeology series. Full contents.

Darwin in Mind: New Opportunities for Evolutionary Psychology

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