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Down the trail we are glad to be rid of them. The future is ignored or assumed to likely turn out like recent times, and society is primed to carry over many a skewed interpretation of civilization.


In reality, recent times are a huge aberration. We will see a correction in the overbuilt economy of today that is hard-wired to using the highest conceivable use of nonrenewable energy.

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Business-as-usual is sheer idiocy for its damage and unsustainability. Yet, to point this out and act on it is to probably commit economic suicide and become an outcast from the mainstream.

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Economists well understand that the business cycle means a major depression awaits; it has been put off by extraordinary measures such as the overliberalization of trade and the sacrificing of the environment. The Industrial Revolution was based upon the deforestation of Europe and the need to substitute coal for heat and industrial processes.

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When Rachel, a child of Holocaust survivors, finds that her life has intersected with that of Danielle, a refined woman with a mysterious past old fears and painful discoveries bind the two women together in a blur of emotions and choices. Cherished Illusions (): Sarah Stern: Books. Cherished Illusions and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

Technology and capitalist exploitation ensued to get the coal out of the ground and transported. The idea that this industrialization is a shining moment in human history is a delusion, or at best debatable. Charities are receiving most of their funds from the public, not from foundations or corporations. Not that the key to social change is through donations; we can, however, see some of our problems and solutions through examining the economics of palliative charity or funding of reforms and fundamental change.

Cherished Illusions

But the majority of donations are by far for religious organizations or hospitals that do nothing to shatter illusions about the American Dream and U. Volunteerism and donating to community groups, nonprofit organizations and grassroots movements today are generally limited to programs that fight mere symptoms of the U.

Social trends are decried but seldom analyzed in depth by the activists trying to stop war and the assault on the environment.

Questioning our culture, and resolving to replace it or recreate culture, are rare. Where this leaves us is a citizenry surrounded by mounting problems, as society further erodes its once solid basis of trust and mutual support. So, whatever George Bush may be doing to Asia is commonly felt as barely relevant among the U.

The mass media are generally closed to including this class of people on the fringe of society. The dominators of the economy and political system ignore them--until they become a Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The Outsiders are of course in need of food, clothing, housing and energy. These needs are barely met for the mass of these people, but a very few do well in terms of public support. These may include the few who may earn a large court settlement from a naughty government agency, or who garner media attention and can sell books e.

A major illusion of the general U. The red-white-and-blue, Old Glory, is unassailable as an icon of freedom, due to our upbringing and the need we have for a homeland where we speak the same language. But Nazis found a welcome in a few critical sectors of U.

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There is probably no hope of an awakening or effective revolt during the rule of consumerism and fascistic governance. Upheaval and a new class of leaders are rather unlikely when there is plentiful food, petroleum and cash around. And, what is the point of revolution if it would only perpetuate the same problems? Standards for individual pride, as one accepts conditions enforced by swollen government and endless laws and regulations, decline to the point of telling ourselves to keep our head down, get in line, and hope for the best.

Granted, the modern world is a highly populated society built upon division of labor so that surpluses and profit can be piled higher and higher. Thus, controls over behavior for the huge population are to be expected, even if we laid down our arms and shared the wealth. True freedom cannot exist in overcrowded conditions.

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If we compare our roughly two million years of existence as a species and its population level over that time, today we are surely overpopulated. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Is there some reason I should not go? About us. A flame c. Tables Tables. How do we escape the Catch of voluntary misbelief? This is.

Gustafson Pause by the orchid. Listen to the bluebird sing.

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Be love. Home About Ashton Contact Podcast. Aug 19 Leave a comment. Your dreaded and cherished illusions… What will you do with these this week? The look itself is bravery.

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Either way, liberation is available on the other side of the look and of the letting go.