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This was the glorious culmination of what I had longed for, those ideal flowers that I had sought, and my heart leaped within me to see the whole family of the flowers of the goddess Iris rise up in their turn at the prospect of my accepting the task of revealing their existence. Related Content. More About this Poet. The Flowers.

Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Homage to Richard Wagner.

Domesday Explorer, Version 1. Durham Liber Vitae. The project aims to create a complete, modern, annotated edition of this difficult manuscript, combining XML TEI and database technologies. The edition will be a paper publication of the transcript, generated indices, linguistic and prosopographical commentary, with digital facsmile and other resources on DVD-ROM. Depending on time issues, there may also be an online component to the publication.

A very short note on the project is provided by a King's College page. Die Glossen Ekkeharts IV. Flos - Digital Edition. Leonardo Pisano: Flos super solutionibus quorundam questionum ad numerum et ad geometriam vel ad utrumque pertinentium. A cura di Alessandra Giammalva. Il software messo a punto infatti permette di accedere ai contenuti testuali e alle riproduzioni fotografiche in facsimile dell'originale manoscritto. Bearbeitet von Matthias P. Bearbeitet von Heidrun Boshof, Graz, The navigable reconstruction of the Forum represents statues within their urban context so as to indicate the space in which civic rituals occurred.

The visualization relies upon archeological evidence that precisely attests to the original display spots of many statues; carefully considered hypotheses point toward plausible locations of the other artworks. Galileo Galilei's Notes on Motion - Ms. Die Handschrift ist faksimiliert, Text und Zeichnungen transkribiert und mit editorischem Markup versehen.

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Album de vers et de prose (French Edition) eBook: Stéphane Mallarmé: Amazon. in: Kindle Store. Album de Vers et de Prose (French Edition) eBook: Paul Verlaine: Kindle Store.

The Gascon Rolls Project Vale et al. The edition will initially be provided as an online resource only. It will be available alongside high quality digital images of the original rolls provided by The National Archives TNA. There will also be extensive indexes which will be fully searchable and a full historical introduction which will make the edition an invaluable resource for scholars" [from resource]. Glossae in Martianum. Liber Glossarum. St Gall Priscian glosses. Heinricus de Antwerpe: Tractatus de captione urbis Brandenburg.

By Jean-Paul Rehr. De Heresi contains the digital edition of selections from other archives to help researchers understand more fully the social context of the people subject to the earliest heresy inquisitions. The architecture of this site permits researchers to trace people, events, and ideas across different documents. Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania, by J. Reynolds and J. Produced in post-war conditions, it only included illustrations of a few inscriptions, although very many of them had been photographed; and it only offered limited geographic information.

The purposes of this enhanced reissue are, therefore, to make the original material available again, and to provide the full photographic record, together with geographical data linking the inscriptions to maps and gazetteers, and so to other resources. Electronic publication makes this possible, and also allows us to offer greater functionality, such as free text searches.

We have included the material from the supplement which contained further texts, numbered in the same sequence : 'Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania: a supplement', published in PBSR 23 , , and we have incorporated corrections and emendations made in that article; but we have not attempted to alter or emend any item otherwise.


The indices of this edition are generated from the texts themselves. This means that in some cases they will diverge from those in the original edition, usually being fuller: but the material in three texts not included in that edition , and and the Neo-Punic personal names do not appear in these indices.

The Compass Rose Review in Les Seigneurs Du Metal Webzine

Unter der Leitung von Ingo H. Umfassendes, theoretisch, methodisch und technisch gut fundiertes Unternehmen, das verschiedene Teileditionen - darunter die " Fontes Civitatis Ratisponensis " umfasst siehe dort. Digital Edition of 20, as of May medieval library inventories.

No further project description available. The Liber Genealogus G. Edited by Jean-Baptiste Piggin. Hamburg: piggin. The layout shows both the lexical character of the work, with lemmata and definitions distinguished, and its chronographic character, dividing the text up into biblical episodes. The entries are linked to the matching pages of the St Gall manuscript Cod. Until this digital publication, the G recension of the Liber Genealogus had not been available as a free-standing edition.

Anne Grondeux project coordination et al.

Huma-Num Facsimiles of the original manuscripts and of selected printed editions will be provided. A preliminary version of a catalogue of all known letters to and from Linnaeus is now available. Editions of the full texts with summaries are now available for most of the letters up to Several complete exchanges of letters up to are also available. The texts and the summaries are searchable, as is the database. Lublin w Dokumencie.

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The Lucula noctis Project. The Lucula is an extended scholastic critique of humanist education that Dominici, a Florentine dominican, sent to Coluccio Salutati, chancellor of Florence and pre-eminent humanist scholar. Drton, G. Haneberg, F. Pukelsheim und W. The Electronic Manipulus florum Project. All translations, unless noted otherwise, are by MZ. Here ends a sidebar to be inserted into the second part of the book previously entitled Representation and Modernity , begun in and submitted by the author and accepted by Hilary Putnam and William Mills Todd III, in partial satisfaction of degree requirements at Harvard University.

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To know, to kill, to create. The rest of men belong to the fatigue party, made for the stables, in other words for the practice of that, which is called professions. Au grand soleil? There is one thing I am proud of, and I am very proud of it. Before getting married to a rich woman, every honest man should ask — was that money earned by producing books, by teaching people, by living by the pen? Out in the open air? No coins that have rang on the counters! To feel running through my hair a hand that has rolled pastry! Even if she had not done it herself, her father would have.

And if not her father, her grandfather; if not her grandfather, her great-grandfather.

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I have for a motto: Nothing suspect , and all business is suspect. Is this kind of people necessary? Yes, just like servants. As for me, here I am resolutely at work. With horror, because I invent a language that must necessarily spring forth from a very new poetics, which I could define in these two words: To paint, not the thing, but the effect that it produces.

The verses should not therefore, therein, be composed of words; but of intentions, and all words to give way before the feeling. I do not know if you guess my meaning, but I hope that you will approve of me once I have succeeded. Because I want - for the first time in my life - to succeed.

I would never again touch my pen if I were confounded.